The Area-wide Law Enforcement Radio Terminal System (ALERTS) and the Basic Unified Local Law Enforcement Transmission (BULLET) are in-car computer terminal systems developed for public safety. ALERTS operates via an 800MHz infrastructure; BULLET operates via cellular; 800MHz; or both.  These systems provide instant access to information in situations where each second counts. During traffic stops, officers can get information about a car and its owner in a matter of seconds on their ALERTS / BULLET terminals. Getting the same information from a police dispatcher over a two-way radio can take several minutes and place the officer in danger. In addition to promoting officer safety, ALERTS / BULLET has proven effective at helping police recover stolen vehicles and arrest suspects wanted for crimes in Illinois and throughout the country.

ALERTS and BULLET were developed through a cooperative effort of local law enforcement and IPSAN.  ALERTS / BULLET is the largest wireless / RF public safety network in Illinois. While most other mobile data systems are developed and operated for single agencies, ALERTS and BULLET were designed for a large network of users.  The mini-BULLET application allows law enforcement to access information from any hand held device (smart phone, iPad, DROID, iPhone etc).  This is the perfect officer-safety tool. 

GPS and AVL is now available with BULLET


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