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800 Mhz Rebanding Information

800Mhz Rebanding is now being conducted. Will your department be 800 MHz compliant? Please call for more information.

Officer Safety

Many things have obviously changed over the last decade.  The Illinois Public Safety Agency Network (IPSAN) developed an application called mini-BULLET to assist public safety personnel.  Since the wave of the future is clearly going to be hand held devices, IPSAN created this software for law enforcement in an effort to help officers' stay in step with the never-ending advancement of technology.  Information needs to be freely accessed by law enforcement at all times.

GPS and AVL is now available with BULLET

GPS is operational with the latest version of BULLET. If you are interested in using GPS; please call the IPSAN Support Center. GPS will work with any GPS enable device connected to your laptop that is running BULLET.  Please call the Support Center at 773-693-3000 for product or download information.

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